The deep red garment | Το σκούρο κόκκινο ένδυμα

Red is a primary color so, basicaly you can not create any hue of red by mixing other colors, and you can not create a light red by mixing a dark red with white ( = pink ), or yellow or ocher ( = orange ). The rule of thumb here is that dark reds lighten with light reds. I suggest to have your reds … Continue reading The deep red garment | Το σκούρο κόκκινο ένδυμα

Translucencies in eggtempera | Διαφάνειες

Translucencies or transparencies (I am not sure which is the correct word in English) are very eazy to create in eggtempera, as long as you manage to achieve the right consistency when mixing your pigments with the egg emulsion, and control the load of your brush. Your mixture has to be very fluid, like a glaze, and when you load your brush release the excess … Continue reading Translucencies in eggtempera | Διαφάνειες

Byzantine iconography workshops – Summer 2023

In a 10-day workshop learn how to paint in egg tempera, the ancient technique used in iconography for centuries. During the course you will learn the whole procedure of painting a Byzantine icon, from the initial drawing and gilding with genuine gold leaf, to the final writing of the saint’s name. The workshop is appropriate for beginner, intermediate or advanced level, students of each group … Continue reading Byzantine iconography workshops – Summer 2023

Step by step: Orange garment | Πορτοκαλί ένδυμα

Στο σημερινό μάθημα θα ζωγραφίσουμε μαζί το πορτοκαλί ένδυμα στην εικόνα του Προφήτη Ηλία. Τα χρώματα που θα χρειαστούμε είναι ώχρα χρυσή, κιννάβαρη, χοντροκόκκινο και λευκό Τιτανίου. In today’s lesson we will paint together the orange clothing of prophet Elijah (prophet Elias). The pigments we are going to use are: Golden ochre, Cinnabar, Iron oxide red (or venetian red) and Titanium white). Προπλασμός: Ώχρα χρυσή … Continue reading Step by step: Orange garment | Πορτοκαλί ένδυμα

Book | Βιβλιο: Draperies in iconography

Διάβασα και μου άρεσε ένα πολύ ενδιαφέρον βιβλίο για το πώς ζωγραφίζονται οι πτυχώσεις στη βυζαντινή εικονογραφία. Η Πτυχολογία στην εικονογραφία, της εικονογράφου Irina Gorburova – Lomax. If you are interested in iconography and want to learn how to paint draperies, I found the next book in your reading list! Draperies in iconography written by iconographist Irina Gorburova – Lomax. Δίγλωσση έκδοση, στα Ρώσικα και … Continue reading Book | Βιβλιο: Draperies in iconography